Friday Musings 3.9.12

I hate packing.  This is what my bed currently looks like.  I'm going to Chicago today to visit Stephanie, Ryan, and both of our families (and meeting Ryan's new baby niece!).  But like always, the packing is not going well.  The problem for me is pre-picking out what to wear.  What if I don't want to wear what I packed?  What if I don't fit the occasion?  These are not big issues, but I find this stressful for some reason.

So for our upcoming trip to the Mediterranean (!!! Only 2.5 months away!!), I am starting EARLY.  This is because: 1. between Jason Wu for Target, H&M's fabulous spring line, and my need to online shop as distraction from work, I can't help but plan my outfits, and 2. it's just going to take that long.

Okay, back to my world of crazy.  Don't mind me.

Happy weekend! 

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